KOINBAY is open to support the launch of exciting new cryptocurrency powered projects, by facilitating to list their tokens on KOINBAY exchange. The KOINBAY team looks forward to interact more while bringing the coin or token onboard and driving our missions together in harmony.

Proceed to download the files, while our business team gets in touch with you to guide and support you in the process.

Here are the steps to start with

  1. Download the listing form here
  2. After downloading this listing form, submit your details on the form at the right.
  3. After the contact form is submitted, the listing team of KOINBAY will connect with you and initiate a conversation about your project and listing requirements.
  4. Continue filling the listing form under support of the listing team.
  5. After the form is submitted, the listing team will share the agreement and documents to collect for due diligence.
  6. Based on the successful completion of the due diligence on the documents submitted, the listing team will confirm on taking forward the listing on KOINBAY which must be followed by the agreement signup and commercial clearances.
  7. After the above, as the listing process now starts, other technical details would be exchanged to process and complete the listing

Get in touch with our listing team

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